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Grendon Parish Council provides your local services. We strive to make Grendon a better place to live, work and play. Our website includes information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Grendon is a small village in rural Northamptonshire, England and is found on the borders of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire - with many houses made of the local limestone; various older thatched houses still survive. The name of the village means "green hill". Today the village remains centred on the hill. As with nearby Earls Barton, the village was once owned by Countess Judith who was the niece of William the Conqueror. The village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

The current population (based on the 2011 census) is 544; the village is a popular place to live with commuters to London or Milton Keynes. It is the site of the nineteenth century 'Battle of Grendon'. The village is in two parts which are separated by the brook. The smaller part of the village is shown on maps as "Lower End", whilst the higher (southern) part of the village is located at the top of the (steep) hill - after which the village was originally named.

The village is a friendly place and a great place to live.

More details about the history of the village can be found here

Legend said that some men of Grendon, seeing the moon reflected in the stream, mistook it for a cheese and tried to rake it out of the water. The people of Grendon were called Moonrakers ever after referred to in the epic poem "The Battle of Grendon Brook" (26th July 1876).

Local Elections

On the 7th May 2020 Grendon Parish Council will be holding local elections to fill the 9 parish councillor seats, there will also be elections for councillors for the new shadow unitary authorities on this day. Whilst some of the existing parish councillors may re-stand, if you are interested in making the village of Grendon a great place to live, work and play this could be just the role for you. Email the clerk at or phone Deborah 01933 663918 to find out more.

You really should consider becoming a parish or town councillor if:

•You Want To Do Something Positive for Your Community

•You Want To Spend Your Time Productively

•You Can Think, Listen and Act Locally

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Latest News

An opportunity for young people from your Parish to become a member of Northamptonshire’s OPFCC Youth Commission

An opportunity for young people from your Parish to become a member of Northamptonshire’s OPFCC Youth Commission

The Youth Commission has been set up by the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to ensure that the views of young people are heard, and help change services for the better.

My role is to recruit up to 30 young people from across Northamptonshire to form the 2020 Youth Commission. In addition to those young people who might ordinarily apply, I am eager to encourage young people to apply whose voices might struggle sometimes to be heard. I am also keen to engage with young people who have already had experience of the criminal justice system. And of course I want to make sure we have young people involved from right across Northamptonshire. More »

You can check out information about the commission at where you will find an information sheet that can be downloaded, and an online application form for young people to complete.

It would be great if you could raise awareness of the opportunity either on your website/social media, or in your email newsletter.

I also have paper copies of the application form that you can give out if you would find that helpful – just let me know and I'll get them over to you.

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions or leave a message on my mobile phone and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Dale Willis

Youth Commission

Office of the Northamptonshire Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner

( Telephone101 extension 346532 or 03000 111 222 (if out of county) Mob: 0797 602 1611

+ Address East House, FHQ, Wootton Hall, Northampton, NN4 0JQ


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Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 2020 12:45 by Deborah Rush

Crime and Policing Update

Crime and Policing Update

Crime and Policing Update for Wollaston and Strixton

Incidents of note between Friday 24 and Tuesday 28 January.

At approx. 16.00hrs on Tuesday 28 January unknown person(s) pushed back and caused damage to a metal fence surrounding a field adjacent to London Road Strixton.

Between 19.00hrs on Friday 24 January and 08.00hrs on Tuesday 28 January, unknown person(s) have entered the grounds surrounding a property on Grendon Road Wollaston and stolen a green Honda Civic being stored there. More »

If you have any information about any of these events, please contact the police on 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

Alternatively, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use the anonymous online form at

Message Sent By
Loraine Holdcroft (Police, ( Watch Liaison Volunteer V0492 - Wellingborough), Wellingborough)

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Posted: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 11:14 by Deborah Rush

Prosecution For Two Persons Flytipping In Ecton

Prosecution For Two Persons Flytipping In Ecton

Published Friday, 31 January 2020

Sourced from Borough Council of Wellingborough website/ news

Two men from Northampton have been fined £1180 for fly-tipping furniture and household items at Lower Ecton Lane, Ecton.

Wellingborough Norse, joint venture partners with the Borough Council of Wellingborough, investigated the reports of fly-tipping and discovered an address label to a householder who had paid for the waste to be collected. More »

The waste collectors, Jamie Cowell and Rocky Whitney, pleaded guilty on 27 January 2020 to depositing waste illegally and waste duty of care offences for having no records of the collection or transfer of waste. The offenders claimed that they had transferred the waste to a scrap metal collector but were prosecuted for fly-tipping receiving fines totalling £1180.

Cowell was fined £300 plus £420 costs and £30 victim surcharge. Whitney, who was under 18 at the time of the offence, received a reduced fine of £100 plus £300 costs and £30 victim surcharge.

If you are arranging for anyone to take your items away, it is your responsibility to ensure that they hold the relevant licence. The resident who had instructed the waste carriers to dispose of their items could have faced prosecution. Due to working with officers to investigate the fly-tippers, they did not receive a fine or prosecution.

Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, said:

"Fly-tipping has a negative impact on our environment and countryside. Removing and investigating reports of fly-tipping involves staff time and considerable costs. It is disappointing that waste carriers, who residents should have trusted to responsibly dispose of their items, dumped these household items on a quiet lane in our borough's beautiful countryside.

"If you use a waste disposal service to take your items away, make sure that they hold the relevant paperwork and that your items will recycled or disposed of appropriately.

"We will not hesitate to prosecute anyone responsible for committing this despicable crime."

To find out more about how to report fly-tipping to the council visit:


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Craig Blacha (Police, Police Community Support Officer, Wellingborough)

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Posted: Mon, 03 Feb 2020 14:36 by Deborah Rush