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Grendon Parish Council provides your local services. We strive to make Grendon a better place to live, work and play. Our website includes information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

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Covid_19 pandemic

Those requiring help are asked to call the support line on the following number. 0300 126 1000 (option 5). Individuals can also email and ask for help.

Village Hopper Bus Service

The Village Hopper is a community mini-bus service that operates on a fixed route timetable 6 days each week.

The timetable can be viewed here;

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Handbag Theft - Denton Surgery Car Park

Handbag Theft - Denton Surgery Car Park

There has been another report of a handbag theft from a vehicle parked in the Denton Village Surgery car park.

This happened between 3:00pm and 3:10pm on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

Did you see or hear anything in the area that was suspicious? Do you have CCTV or Dashcam footage that may have captured any sightings of the offenders or any possible vehicle.

If you noticed anything suspicious in the area or have any CCTV or dash cameras covering the area between these times, please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 or follow the below online reporting link, quoting occurrence number 20000624727. More »

In an emergency when there is a crime in progress , life at risk or an offender nearby , call 999.

You can provide confidential information should you wish to remain anonymous. These calls can be made to the Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit

You can follow our team on our Twitter accounts which include more live time information on our daily activities in South Northants @SthNorthantsNPT @BrackleyNptSgt

You can contact the Neighbourhood Team using the following email address:

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Nicole Degg (Police, Police Community Support Officer, Daventry and South Northants)

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Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 13:33 by Deborah Rush

Update on Covid19 from Director of Public Health Northamptonshire County Council

Update on Covid19 from Director of Public Health Northamptonshire County Council

Dear Residents,

I am writing to you directly, as we enter the winter period, to inform you of the current situation relating to Coronavirus in Northamptonshire and specifically the areas in which you live. I'm also hoping to share some key tips to help you and your families stay safe during the winter period and how to access support if you need to self-isolate, if you become unwell, or if you require help with shopping, medication or loneliness. More »

We are currently seeing the largest rise in cases in Northamptonshire since the first national lockdown. Positive cases range across all age groups, but significantly are largest in the age groups from 10 to 59. We know that these age groups are amongst the most sociable, go to school, university or work, and may be involved in the care of others, children and/or older people.

Worryingly, we are also seeing a rise in cases amongst those aged over 60. This age group is the group that are most likely to become severely unwell should they get Coronavirus, they may need to stay in hospital and sadly, as we are starting to see once again, more of this age group are likely to die from the virus.

Transmission can easily spread within families, especially where children and parents mix with grandparents and particularly in indoor settings. Whilst we recognise the importance of social interaction, we would recommend that if you have to work with or care for someone who is older or more vulnerable, or if you ordinarily mix with grandparents, that you consider reducing your social contacts elsewhere, or move your interactions with those older, more vulnerable contacts to an online format where possible during the winter period.

The introduction of recent national lockdown guidance will help us to reduce community transmission of the virus. Community transmission is where the virus spreads in households with people mixing in indoor spaces in particular. We would recommend that where anyone enters your home, or you theirs, for example for childcare purposes, that everyone wears a face covering, maintains a two metre social distance, and keeps interactions as short as possible. Continue to wash your hands regularly and clean any surfaces or contact points such as door handles, cupboard handles and taps.

If you have any concerns about whether you may have COVID19, how to get a test, how to get more support for someone who is vulnerable or the current guidance and what you can and cannot do, visit the County Council website.

We all need to work hard to ensure that case numbers reduce in our local area, to ensure that we keep the people we love safe, and so that we can return to a more normal way of living as soon as possible when the national measures come to an end. We are all in this together and all of our actions contribute to the outcomes we face. Let's continue to work together, to wash our hands regularly, to wear our face coverings and to keep two metres from others.

Lucy Wightman
Director of Public Health, Northamptonshire County Council

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Alan Earle (NWN, County Chairman , Northamptonshire)

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Posted: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 10:33 by Deborah Rush

Home Security

Home Security

Home Security

Following a number of ATTEMPTED burglaries on Wellingborough and Wellingborough Rural please find some advice below. The recent burglaries reported to us are ones that the offenders are looking to gain entry using insecure doors, windows and vehicles.

Improving the security of your home not only protects your material possessions
but those you love. It's also not just a case of spending money – there's a lot
you can easily do by taking simple steps to create a good safety routine.
Many burglaries are opportunistic, happening when offenders see an easy way to
ommit crime. There's no one product or way to prevent burglary, but combining
a range of security measures will put burglars off in the first place, or slow them
down significantly to the point where they see the risks outweigh the benefits. More »

The following tips will help you protect your home:

 Look at your home as a burglar would – if you were locked out, how would

 you get in? This will help you identify any weak spots where you need to

 improve your home security

 Ensure your external front and back doors are in good condition, and keep

 them locked even when you're at home

 If you open a window, always close and lock it when you leave the room

 or go out

 If you're replacing locks or whole doors make sure the products you choose meet current security standards – search for tested and approved products at and

 Keep all keys out of sight and reach of letterboxes, pet flaps and downstairs doors and windows

 Never keep a spare key hidden outside

 Avoid leaving high-value items where they can be seen from outside your home. If a would-be criminal can see it, they may be tempted to steal it

 Make your home look occupied once darkness falls by using energy-saving lights with timers

 Dusk to dawn security lighting to cover overlooked areas outside the front of your home will help deter offenders by removing the cover of darkness

 If you have an alarm system, use it. If you don't, consider getting one.

 Having pets doesn't mean you can't fit an alarm. Find accredited installers at and

 Mark your property so it can be identified as yours and returned if stolen and recovered. Options include traceable liquids such as SmartWater® or a UV permanent pen. Find tested and approved security products at or

 Keep front boundaries such as hedges, walls and fences below 1m high so your home, and anyone trying to break in, can be easily seen

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Donna Fenner (Police, PCSO, Wellingborough & East Northants) » Less

Posted: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 10:04 by Deborah Rush